3 Tips for Finding Halal Food in Japan

Tips for Finding Halal Food in Japan

Tips for Finding Halal Food in Japan

It's a shame if you go far to Japan but don't taste its typical culinary delights. Oh, don't miss this golden opportunity. You can still go for a healthy walk by eating a variety of Japanese dishes as long as you know the food is halal. There are many dishes that do not use pork or alcohol. Let's take a look at BP-Guide's interesting tips for finding Japanese-style halal food.

Look for Foods with Ingredients Sourced from the Sea

While on vacation in Japan, you can definitely still enjoy halal food. This is because most Japanese food comes from the sea. Which means mostly some kind of seafood.
There are also various processed seafood served fresh, such as on the sushi or sashimi menu. 

What you have to watch out for when eating these two foods is the sauce, which generally contains sake. So, as an alternative, you can eat unagi, aka Japanese eel. You can also eat vegetables like Edamame. You can try the tempura and also the Yaki Sakana.

When Ordering Ramen, Ask Using Pork, Beef or Chicken Broth

If you go to Japan, of course you can't miss typical Japanese noodles such as udon and ramen. But you still have to be vigilant, don't get carried away with the deliciousness so you forget what the main ingredients are. When ordering, it's a good idea to ask first. Just ask what broth ingredients are used for the noodle soup.

You can also order from the seller so that the noodles you ordered don't contain haram ingredients. Generally Japanese people understand and understand. They are usually also happy to show what menus are halal and can be consumed by Muslims.

When in doubt, head to a Middle Eastern restaurant

If you have done everything you can but are still unsure if it is halal, there are other options. Another option is to visit a Middle Eastern restaurant. Places to eat from Muslim countries certainly provide halal food that makes you not hesitate to eat it.

You can try a Turkish or Indian restaurant. There are also Malaysian and Pakistani restaurants whose menus can be tried. You can calmly eat without fear.
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