9 Suggestions For Cooking Halal From Tofu

Tofu is a typical Indonesian food that is well known in Indonesia and even abroad. Besides having high vegetable protein,
9 Suggestions For Cooking Halal From Tofu

Suggestions For Cooking Halal From Tofu

Tofu is a typical Indonesian food that is well known in Indonesia and even abroad. Besides having high vegetable protein, it also tastes good and can be processed into various foods. One that is quite liked by many people is made into delicious and delicious crispy tofu snacks.

Apart from being a source of protein, tofu also contains minerals, iron, calcium, vitamin B1, copper, zinc, magnesium and selenium which are good for the body. So, below are some delicious processed tofu that you must try.

1. Tofu Pepper

Pepes tofu is a mainstay menu that is both nutritious and healthy because it is processed by steaming.


10 pieces of white tofu

2 green onions

1 stalk of lemongrass

Whole red cayenne pepper, according to taste

An egg

3 shallots

2 cloves of garlic

1 tsp salt

½ tsp flavoring

Bay leaves and basil leaves to taste

Banana leaves and sticks, to taste

How to make:

First, crush the tofu until soft.

Second, thinly slice shallots, garlic, and lemongrass.

Beat the eggs, then add the salt, sliced ​​shallots, garlic and lemongrass.

Enter tofu.

Next, enter the basil leaves, stir until everything is evenly distributed.

Cut the banana leaf into 20 cm pieces.

Wither by heating the banana leaf over the fire while shifting it.

Then, put a piece of bay leaf on top of the banana leaf.

Add about 4 tablespoons of tofu batter on top.

Add sliced ​​cayenne pepper, then fold and pinch the wrap using a stick.

Next, steam the dough for about 25 minutes.

Pepes tofu can be served immediately or baked first.

2. Tofu Sakura

Sakura Tofu is a menu of processed tofu that is suitable as a snack.


500 grams of white tofu

2 carrots

2 green onions

An egg

2 tsp salt

½ tsp broth powder

½ tsp ground pepper


Ground spices:

3 shallots

2 cloves of garlic

½ tsp coriander powder

Tofu layers:

1 egg

How to make:

First, mix all the ingredients thoroughly.

Second, add the ground spices, and stir until evenly distributed.

Then prepare the mold, grease it with oil and add 2 tablespoons of dough.

Next, place the sausage in the middle of the dough.

Steam pepes tofu for about 20 minutes.

When it's done, remove it from the mold.

Finally, add it to the beaten eggs and fry until golden brown.

3. Stir in Tofu and Mushrooms

Definitely delicious, fried tofu and spices are two ingredients that go well together.


300 grams of white tofu

100 grams of champignon mushrooms

3 cloves of garlic

¼ onion

2 red chilies

2 green onions

Salt to taste

¼ tsp ground pepper

1 tbsp oyster sauce

3 tbsp sweet soy sauce

200 ml of water

2 tbsp cooking oil

How to make:

First, sauté the garlic and onion until fragrant.

Next, add the red chilies and champignon mushrooms. Stir until ingredients wilt.

Then add tofu, add salt, pepper, oyster sauce and sweet soy sauce.

Next, pour the water, and cook until it boils.

Finally, add the spring onions and stir until evenly distributed.

Serve warm.

4. Vegetable Lombok Tofu

Sayur sambal tofu is suitable as a companion for eating rice with other side dishes.


10 boxes of white tofu

5 whole bird's eye chilies

5 green chilies

1 galangal segment

2 bay leaves

5 shallots

3 cloves of garlic

2 candlenuts

½ tsp coriander powder

1 segment of turmeric

1 tsp brown sugar

Sugar, salt and pepper to taste

400 ml of liquid coconut milk

How to make processed tofu:

First, fry half-cooked tofu.

Next, sauté the onions, turmeric, candlenuts, bay leaves, and galangal until fragrant.

Then, pour water and coconut milk.

Next, enter the tofu and all the ingredients that are already available.

Stir so that the coconut milk doesn't break.

Finally, wait for it to boil, and serve.

5. Saute Spicy Tofu in Teriyaki Sauce

If you want to make processed tofu with an Asian-style fusion touch, stir-fry spicy tofu with teriyaki sauce is the right choice.


4 white tofu

3 shallots

2 cloves of garlic

3 tablespoons of soy sauce

1 tablespoon of teriyaki sauce

½ teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon of flavoring

Just the right amount of oil

How to make spicy tofu stir-fried in teriyaki sauce:

First, cut the tofu squares.

Next, thinly slice the shallots and garlic.

Then, sauté the shallots and garlic until fragrant.

Next, enter the chili pieces, then stir until wilted.

Then, add water, salt and flavoring according to taste.

Enter the tofu pieces.

Finally, add soy sauce and teriyaki sauce.

Stir until evenly distributed, and wait until cooked.

6. Tahu Walik

This menu is being hotly discussed by a well-known Indonesian food vlogger. Being one of the most delicious processed tofu for snacks.


500 grams of ground fish

20 fried tofu

4 stalks of green onions

150 grams of flour

250 grams of starch or tapioca flour

1 pack of powder broth

2 tsp salt

150 ml of hot water

Ground spices:

5 cloves of garlic

1 tsp ground pepper

How to make:

First, add flour, chives, ground spices, salt, and broth powder.

Next, pour a little hot water until the dough becomes a flour mush.

Enter the ground fish, then stir until evenly distributed.

Then, add starch or tapioca.

Flip the fried tofu.

Finally, fill the tofu with the dough, and fry until cooked.

If it is cooked and brown, remove and drain.

7. Tofu Cake

Fried lover?

Tofu cake is suitable for you, both as a side dish when eating warm rice or as a snack.


200 grams of tofu

1 carrot

An egg

2 tbsp flour

1 stalk of green onion

2 green onions

1 clove of garlic

½ tsp ground pepper

¼ tsp flavoring

Salt to taste

Cooking oil

How to make:

First, mince the carrots, shallots, garlic and chives.

Next beat the eggs, then add salt, broth powder and pepper to taste.

Then, add chopped herbs and crushed tofu.

Take 1 tablespoon of tofu dough and round it or according to taste.

Finally, fry the dough until cooked or the color turns brown.

Serve with cayenne pepper or chili sauce to make it more delicious.

8. Tofu Soup

Processed tofu this one is perfect served when it rains. His warmth will make you comfortable in an instant.


350 grams of white tofu

100 grams of shrimp

5 cloves of garlic

Green onions to taste

500 ml of water

Cooking oil


½ tsp salt

1 tsp powdered mushroom broth

¼ tsp ground pepper

½ tsp chicken broth powder

How to make:

First, sauté the garlic until fragrant and yellowish in color.

Add prawns and continue to fry them.

Next, pour in the water and allow it to boil.

Give seasoning.

Then, leave it for a while until the tofu soup is perfectly cooked.

Lastly, sprinkle with some green onions.

9. Tofu Geprek Sambal Matah

Want geprek chicken but on a diet? You can replace it with tofu and make a few modifications to the way it is processed and also the seasoning.


10 pieces of skin tofu

3 cloves of garlic

¼ tsp ground pepper

1 tsp broth powder

5 tbsp ice water

Salt to taste

250 grams of wheat flour

3 tbsp cornstarch

Cooking oil

Sambal Matah Ingredients:

6 red bird's eye chilies

6 shallots

3 stalks of lemongrass

2 pieces of lime leaves

½ tsp grilled shrimp paste

1 lime


3 tbsp cooking oil

How to make:

To make crispy tofu, first mix finely chopped garlic, ground pepper, salt, sufficient powdered stock, flour and ice water.

Next, add the tofu and coat with the wet flour mixture until evenly distributed.

Then, prepare the coating flour from cornstarch, broth powder, and salt to taste.

Coat the tofu with the coating flour.

Fry until the flour coating becomes crisp.

Next, to make the sambal matah, all you have to do is mix the bird's eye chilies, shallots, lemongrass, lime leaves, salt, and shrimp paste.

Then, pour the hot oil over the sambal matah. Add lime juice, then stir until smooth.

Finally, crispy geprek fried tofu with sambal matah is ready to be served as a snack or a side dish to accompany your meal.

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